Local Knowledge

Bryher insider knowledge and top tips from the Isles of Scilly locals and ‘did you know?’ style facts…

Did you know?

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There hasn’t been a school on Bryher since 1971. Local children travel by boat each morning to attend the primary school base on Tresco.

In 1988 Bryher was a film set! The island hosted Paul Scofield, Helen Mirren, David Suchet, Dexter Fletcher and David Threlfall during the filming of Michael Morpurgo’s ‘When the Whales’ came.

The very rare Dwarf Pansy can be found on Rushy Bay Green.

The quay at Bar was built in 1990 by the ‘Challenge Anneka’ television programme.

You can walk to Tresco on a low spring tide and even to Samson if you are quick enough!

Bryher has a world champion! (Gig rower Ginny Hulands 2011 Veterans World Pilot Gig Champion)

Scilly’s deepest cave is on Bryher.

Great Pool was formed by people digging for peat.

An Iron Age sword was discovered on Bryher in 1999.

Bryher (bre-her) means ‘land of hills’

Locals top tips!!

“Searching for guinea money (cowrie shells) on Rushy Bay is my idea of heaven”
Marian Bennett

“Local crews take part in the weekly gig races (ladies’ on Wednesday evenings and men’s on Friday evenings). The new exhibition in Tresco and Bryher Rowing Club’s Sussex Gig Shed at Bar is a great place to find out more about the history and the future of the Isles of Scilly gigs and gig racing – and to see a beautiful new Championship racing gig!”
Ted and Amy Langdon

“I love heading to Green Bay to catch the sunrise. Sitting on a rock, enjoying the view drinking hot chocolate. Bliss!”
Kris Taylor

“Bryher is the perfect place for families– I have such happy memories of my childhood here and appreciate it all over again now I’ve got children of my own”
Dan Bennett

“Standing on the top of Samson Hill on a sunny day is a magical experience. Even when you can see the mainland in the distance you feel like you’re a million miles away”
Issy Tibbs

“Head to Bryher Shop to try the tattie cake – made to my mum’s traditional Scillonian recipe it’s yummy!”
Zoe Dan

“I love heading out across Rushy Bay Green and round Heathy Hill. At 6 am you catch the curious seals just off Droppynose Point popping their heads out of the water to see who is go-ing by”
Gill Dan

“Of all the wonderful comestibles produced on Scilly, fruit, vegetables and meats, both wild and domestic, of land and sea, for me, the crab is the king. Delicious and nutritious, it is my favourite island food”
Mike Pender

“My favourite place on Bryher is Popplestones for a BBQ with a really good sunset, don’t think there is a better place on Scilly, and to walk up on Watch Hill before getting to Poppplestones and see the views from there makes for my perfect evening, along with the chilled wine”
Kathy Stedeford