About Bryher

Bryher is the smallest of the inhabited islands of the Isles of Scilly. Just one and half miles long by half
a mile wide its coast line is remarkably varied. Bryher is a friendly island with a small working community and can offer the visitor a range of high-quality accommodation in the hotel, small guest houses, self-catering cottages and campsite. There is a shop with bakery and post-office, local produce stalls, a cafe and a bar, what else do you need?

Bryher’s coast line is remarkably varied, described by many as an island of contrasts, the east coast overlooks the sheltered waters of the channel between Bryher and Tresco while the rugged west coast faces the full force of the open Atlantic Ocean making Hell Bay the perfect place for storm watching on a blustery day.

The island’s roads are little more than tracks – you can follow the coastal path around the varied shore visiting the gorgeous beaches (Rushy Bay is a must with fine white sand and crystal clear water) or take a hike up one of the hills to enjoy amazing panoramic views across Scilly and out to Bishop Rock Lighthouse.

The Isles of Scilly are like nowhere else in England. An outstandingly beautiful cluster of islands off the coast of Cornwall, Scilly is a world apart from every day life.

Flying in by small plane or helicopter, or arriving by sea, you know immediately that you’re somewhere very special. Scilly’s natural history means it looks and feels quite different from the rest of Britain: washed by the Gulf Stream – and with the UK’s mildest climate – over 100 small islands are clustered around a shallow turquoise lagoon, with white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, exotic plants and star-filled skies.

It’s uncrowded and unspoilt, and life here moves at a different pace. 2,000 people live here, on five islands. There are few roads or cars. Yet the lagoon is busy with colourful launches ferrying locals to and fro, and taking visitors island-hopping and on excursions to see Scilly’s wonderful wildlife.

There’s space and freedom. And the choice to do a lot – or do next to nothing – in this spectacular setting. People come specially to see basking sharks, puffins, seals, dolphins and rare birds. They sail, kayak, windsurf and fish, dive among wrecks, swim and wade between islands. They walk, cycle and ride horses along coastal paths, explore local history and archaeological sites, visit artists’ studios and Tresco’s famous tropical gardens. They picnic and beachcomb on beaches that are near-deserted, even in the height of summer. Or just sit and watch the tides, the sunsets and the stars. Unforgettable experiences in a simpler, kinder, more peaceful world.

Bryher is a picturesque island with much to offer – we think you’ll love it as much as we do!